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I collect 1/1200 scale ship miniatures, however, both smaller and larger scales are available. For me, 1/1200 strikes a good balance; they are large enough to look good, and are small enough that a fleet action is playable on a tabletop.

There are really only two options for collectors of 1/1200 scale ships; Langton Miniatures and GHQ miniatures. The other miniature lines out there just aren't high enough in quality to make it worth your time painting and rigging them. Both Langton and GHQ are very well cast, with the GHQ hulls perhaps a tiny bit more crisp. The Langton models generally have a little more heft, with more of the ship showing above waterline, with the GHQ models sitting lower in the water. The Langton models are purchased with the hulls and sail sets sold separately. This allows a great deal of variation from model to model. The Langton selection is also much larger than the GHQ offerings, with many ships of virtually every nationality. Of the two lines, I prefer the Langton models. The much greater variety, and the multiple sail sets give the Langton line a decided edge, and I prefer the slightly heftier castings of the Langton hulls as well. All of the ship miniature pictures on this page are of Langton ships. They were painted and rigged by Rod and Carol Langton, who sell a limited number of rigged and painted ships.

The Santissima Trinidad (140) The Constitution (44)

Painting and Assembling 1/1200 Scale Ship Models

Click HERE to access an article, written by master painter and ship modeler Ray Trochim, which gives lots of very useful information on painting, assembly and rigging of 1/1200 scale ship miniatures.


Although most people play ship games without any terrain, it is sometimes fun to play scenarios with some coast in them. I've played some "cutting out" scenarios, as well as a scenario where a convoy must make it past a blockading fleet to reach the safety of the harbor. Langton makes a nice set of city and harbor pieces that paint up quickly and allow you to construct some docks, cities, fortresses etc. for those scenarios where you want to add some variety and visual appeal to a gaming scenario.

A fortified coastal city. Detail of the city and docks.

Age of Sail Rule Sets

Click HERE to go to my age of sail rules page.

Age of Sail Links

My U.S.S. Constitution painting page. A page which showcases a painting of the USS Constitution by marine artist, Geoff Hunt.

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Ed's Fighting Sail Page A great site, with a very detailed chronology of fighting sail engagements, complete with references to descriptions of these engagements in popular fiction. Highly recommended!

The Wargamer's Warfare in the Age of Sail Page Tons of good information. History, data, orders of battle for various engagements.

Novels of Nelson's Navy Page A site that follows the exploits of the Age of Sail as chronicled in various works of fiction. Includes cross references to famous ships and battles that appear in naval fiction. Very interesting reading.

Sailing Warships Page A terrific site with information on sailing warships from just about every country of the era. Lots of detailed information here.

Clear for Action Page A site dedicated to the computer moderated miniature rules, Clear for Action. Software updates, information, scenarios, etc.

Langton Miniatures An informative site from the maker of my favorite 1/1200 scale age of sail miniatures.

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