U.S.S. Constitution Off the Barbary Coast: by Geoff Hunt, R.S.M.A.

This is a painting of the U.S.S. Constitution cruising off the Barbary Coast, during the war against the Barbary Pirates. One of the most famous and distinguished ships in the history of the United States Navy, the Constitution fought in the war against the Barbary Pirates and the War of 1812. She was nicknamed "Old Ironsides" by her crew, a reference to her sturdy live oak planking. After she was withdrawn from active service, she was saved from the scrap heap with the aid of a stirring poem by Oliver Wendell Holmes, which aroused public sentiment in favor of her preservation. The Constitution was thereafter beautifully restored, and currently rides at anchor in Boston Harbor.

I have always admired the beauty and history of the U.S.S. Constitution. After seeing her at anchor in Boston Harbour a few years ago, I wondered what she would look like under sail. I am a big fan of Geoff Hunt's cover paintings for the Patrick O'Brian books, and thought that he would be the perfect artist to paint the Constitution for me. I commissioned the painting, and gave him very little direction, requiring only that the ship be portrayed under sail. Mr. Hunt produced this wonderful painting for me. The Constitution is seen with the other ships of its squadron, off the Barbary Coast. At this time, the ship was under the command of Commodore Edward Preble, one of the most able commanders of the American sailing Navy.

Geoff doesn't have a web page that I know of, but you can see some of his prints for sale at this LINK.

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