Vintage Outdoor Gear

This page contains links to information about vintage outdoor gear.

There are links to scans of vintage catalogs and other information about classic outdoor gear.  

This site is under construction.  More information will be added as I get around to scanning it.  

Old Catalogs

1972 Chouinard Catalog. (Includes the seminal essay on clean climbing)

1978 Great Pacific Ironworks Catalog

1982 Great Pacific Iron Works Catalog (with Patagonia Softgoods supplement)

1983 Chouinard Equipment Catalog

1989 Chouinard Equipment Catalog

1990 Black Diamond Equipment Ltc. Catalog. (The first catalog after Black Diamond was formed through the employee buy-out of Chouinard Equipment.)

Winter 1991 Black Diamond Equipment Ltc. Catalog.

1978 Snow Lion Catalog

1983 Karrimor Catalog

The 1986 Ramer Backcountry Ski Catalog

The 1991 Ramer Backcountry Ski Catalog

Lowe Alpine Systems Catalog from 1988

2001 Jeff Lowe Cloudwalker Catalog

Other Sites with Information about Vintage Outdoor Gear

Compass: A terrific site that charts the history of outdoor gear, and many of the influential outdoor gear companies

Site with information on Kelty's spectra mountaineering packs

The History Of Gear Project. Terrific site with tons of information on vintage gear

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