Northwatch: by Keith Parkinson

Keith Parkinson is the person responsible for getting me into collecting fantasy art. I met Keith at a gaming convention in Denver in 1997 where he was signing copies of his book, Knightsbridge. He also had on display a number of his original paintings. I chatted with him for a while and admired his paintings. He was very open and friendly. I bought his book, and was going to buy some of his art prints, when it occurred to me to ask him what it would cost to purchase one of his originals. He told me that none of them were for sale, but that he might consider a commissioned work.

Quite some time later, I contacted Keith via e-mail, and we set up a commissioned work. It was based on three characters from a fantasy role-playing game I used to play when I was in high school. Follow this LINK to see a preliminary sketch of the commissioned painting.

In addition to the commissioned work, I was given the opportunity to purchase one of Keith's other paintings. My first choice was either Northwatch, The King's Gold, or The Hand of Chaos. The only one of the three which he still had was Northwatch, and it was "not for sale." However, after a while, he reluctantly consented to part with North Watch. I was psyched to have it offered to me, as it has always been one of my all-time Parkinson favorites. It has such a great, lonely atmosphere to it, and I love the rugged mountain scenery. To see what Keith has to say about this painting, follow this LINK to Keith's web page.

Keith Parkinson's Homepage: Keith's page contains a large on-line gallery, some biographical information, an online store which sells prints and merchandise, a message board, and information on art techniques and the fantasy art business.

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