The Mediator: by Gnemo (Tom Kidd)

Tom Kidd is a well known fantasy book cover illustrator. Under his “Gnemo” persona, he is also writing and illustrating a book, entitled “Gnemo” which is set in a world of fantastic architecture, colorful airships, exotic flora and fauna, and beautiful landscapes. From the illustrations I have seen and the short explanations accompanying them, the book appears to be a Jules Verne-like exploration and adventure story. I am looking forward to reading it.

Tom has some background information on this painting on his web site:

The governments of this world are made up of a loose association of city/states. Each has its own distinct culture. McCay City is unique among them because it has a wide mixture of people from all the regions of this world. The majority of its population has immigrated here in the last forty years. As such they have been able to negotiate disputes between opposing cities in impartial and insightful ways. In a grand gesture of appreciation for its help in negotiations with the Movians this sculpture was donated to the citizens of McCay City by the residents of Rimmer City, a culture devoted to physical perfection.

Tom Kidd's Homepage: Tom has a great web site with galleries of his paintings, information on his "Gnemo" book project, and other interesting information.

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