Moonlight: by Brom

This is one of my favorite paintings in my collection. It is also one of Bromís favorites, and it was quite difficult to persuade him to sell it to me. It was published in the book, Darkwerks. The reproductions I have seen of this painting do not do it justice. Of all the paintings on my web site, this one is the one that has really given me difficulties in trying to get a jpeg that adequately captures the colors and shadings of the original. So far, I have been unequal to the task, and these pictures are rather pathetic approximations of the original. There are subtleties of light and shading in the original that simply donít show up in copies, so much of the detail of the original is lost. Click HERE: to view a larger version of the painting.

I got to meet Brom at a fantasy convention. Here's a picture of me (the geek in the armor) and Brom.

Brom's Homepage: Brom's page contains a small on-line gallery, some artist information, and links to places which sell his books and prints.

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