New York State


Pharaoh Lakes Loop

This is a beautiful loop through wooded trails. The route passes by numerous lakes. The path is never very steep or overly strenuous, and this loop makes a great 3-4 night casual backpacking trip.

The hike starts at Crane Pond, just East of the town of Schroon. Go North on I-87 past Lake George, get off on 74, go East on Alder Meadow Road. Past Schroon Lake Airport, left on Crane Pond Road to the Crane Pond boat ramp.

At Crane Pond, head South just before the boat ramp. After about a half a mile, you come to a fork; right leads up and over Pharaoh mountain, left leads directly to Pharaoh lake. Follow the left fork, and then continue South about 4 miles to Pharaoh lake. There are a number of good campsites near the lake, and it is a great place to stop, swim, relax, and camp. On the Easternmost part of the lake, the trail heads East, then North East towards Grizzle Ocean and Putnam Pond. A half mile North past Putnam pond, the trail leads to Clear Pond, a good place to camp (fewer boats and people than Putnam pond.) A good side trip while camped here is a hike up Treadway mountain.

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From Clear Pond, follow the trail North, skirt Rock Pond on the West, then head west to lilypad pond, horseshoe pond and crab pond. You can either camp here, or continue on and finish the loop back at crane pond and your car.

Useful Information:

The best map to the area is Trails of the Adirondack Eastern Region, published by the Adirondack Mountain Club. (800) 395-8080

Click HERE for an interactive topographical map of the area from Topo Zone.

The Schroon Lake ranger station phone number is (518) 532 9511. A permit may be required for groups or extended stays. Probably a good idea to call.

Mosquitos are plentiful and hungry. Bring good insect repellant.